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We give back to veterans to help them receive the care that they need.
We believe in protecting those who have protected us. 


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“Such an amazing place to be! Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. Always smiling, excited, and positive. I love how genuine the staff’s personalities are, you’re treated like family and presence always valued!”
– Ley F.


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Find the right Dallas assisted living and senior care options for your loved ones!


During a difficult time such as this, it can be frustrating and confusing trying to find the best option for your loved one. There are so many different options and levels of care to choose from and many people do not understand where to even begin. That is why we created Patriot Assisted Living. You should not have to weed through so much confusing information when choosing the proper Dallas assisted living option for your loved one.


Many people who are in this process are looking for an option that will fit within their budget or an option that has financing available. They are looking for a place that will form an emotional connection with their loved ones and keep them active. An option that will help them with any sort of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any sort of memory loss. We help you to vet and find an Dallas assisted living option, no matter the care level needed, for your loved one that has the highest ratings and will be the best fit to care for your loved ones.


Patriot Assisted Living will connect you with the proper Dallas assisted living organization that is located near your so that you have a convenient location to visit your loved one on a daily or weekly basis. Our experts can aid you in finding a location for your loved one that is either near your home or office for convenient stops in. We highly recommend finding a location that is convenient to you so that you can continue to visit your loved one.


Patriot Assisted Living has offices and connections all across the United States but our corporate office is located in Texas near many Dallas assisted living partners. If you are near a big city or even located in more of a rural location, Patriot Assisted Living has the staff to assist you in finding the proper location for your loved one. 



When Do You Need Patriot Assisted Living?


Many people believe that they should not look into assistance with their loved ones until they are completely incapable of caring for themselves without aid. To the contrary, we aid families every single day to find Independent living and other Dallas assisted living / senior living options for those who need very limited amounts of assistance. 


Patriot Assisted Living was created for family members such as yourself who are looking to take the next step in care for your loved one but do not know where to begin. We pair you up with the highest rated and most reviewed options near you. We are passionate about making sure you find the right fit for your family.


We focus on forming proper relationships with local assisted living organizations all across the United States. We research each and every organization to ensure that they meet quality standards and have a reputation for making positive progress with their residences. We are passionate about those in need and making sure that they get the care that they deserve.


Contact one of our family care experts to find out what would best fit your needs. We can help you locate the most convenient and highest rated assisted living, memory care, in-home care, independent living, nursing homes, and hospice options for your loved one. You can reach one of our experts by calling or texting (469) 296-8921. You can also fill out the form at the top and the bottom of every page of 


We look forward to meeting you and assisting you find the best option for you and your loved ones!